WJH and WE Get Revamped Libraries
January 8, 2020

Over the two week winter break, some of the libraries at Worth District 127 got a bit warmer when they were revamped with new carpeting and new furniture.

With the help of the custodians, Worth Elementary moved its library from the south side of the building to the north side. Before the move, the room was updated with new tiled carpet placed on the floor. The advantage of using tile for carpet is that any section that gets damaged can be easily and cheaply replaced without having to replace the entire carpet. With the carpet in place, some of the shelving, books and technology were moved to the new location. New, inviting colorful bookshelves were then purchased and assembled, ready to be filled with books. Most of the books are in place, but there are a few shelves that need to be sorted through. The end result will be a place where elementary students will want to hang out and read. The old library location will be used as a conference room and offices for some of the district’s Speech-Language Pathologists.

WE library new
WE Library

Similar work was done over at Worth Junior High as it continues to update and modernize its facilities. New bookshelves were installed in the library as well as new desks for the library computers along with the tiled carpeting. One fun detail with the renovation of WJH’s library can be found on the floor where you’ll find the steely mascot, Rah-Rah the Ram, reminding students to have Ram Pride! The Tech Lab next door also got the same tiled carpet installed.

WJH library newly decorated
WJH Library
WJH library renovated
WJH Library