Welcome to Worth School District 127’s Remote Learning page. On this page, you will find several resources and lessons that will help you and your child maximize the fullest potential of the District’s Remote Learning Days.

This unique learning opportunity is new to our District and will be evaluated on an on-going basis. A letter for parents as well as a list of frequently asked questions can be found through the links below.

UPDATED: 4/13/20

Our EL/Multilingual staff has provided guides for multilingual parents to help guide you and your children through Remote Learning.

UPDATED: 4/02/20

Dr. Fleming has released an updated Remote Learning schedule for the rest of April. Read the letter here.

UPDATED – 3/30/20

Kindergarten packets for the next 2 weeks can be picked up at the gym doors of your child’s school this Tuesday or Thursday from 10-12. Kindergarten teachers have also set up EPIC for the Kindergarten students. The class code for Mrs. Kordas at Worth Elementary School is Wjm0757. The class code for Mrs. Gordon at Worthwoods School is mey6337. Enjoy reading!

UPDATED – 3/28/20
Remote Learning Days will start on Tuesday, March 31st.  Please read Superintendent Dr. Fleming’s letter here.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020 through April 7, 2020 will be Remote Learning Days

Per ISBE, March 31 through April 7 are labeled as Remote Learning Days, previously labeled E-Learning Days. Remote Learning will be implemented through teachers utilizing Google Classroom. All of our staff members understand that many variables will come into play as Remote Learning is implemented. I cannot stress enough that our goal is to provide meaningful learning experiences for your children, without creating additional stress and undue burden for our families. The expectation is that everyone will try to do their best throughout this process. If problems arise, please do not hesitate to contact your teacher or principal for assistance.  Here are some important points pertaining to Remote Learning.

  • Teachers will be on their computers and available/accessible to students between the hours of 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.
  • Teachers are responsible for communicating assignments to students on a daily basis via Google Classroom.
  • During Remote Learning Days, any live instruction or video produced by an employee of Worth 127 School Districtis prohibited to be recorded or posted on social media by anyone other than the author without the express written permission of Worth 127 Schools.
  • Students will be required to complete an exit slip each day that will count for attendance.

For parents trying to help students get in to Google Classroom, there is a Google Classroom icon on every student’s shelf on the bottom of the Chromebook screen, or you can go to classroom.google.com.  You can find more information on joining a Google Classroom class here.

UPDATED – 3/17/20

But, why eLearning? What is the purpose of eLearning Days?

  • Ensures the safety of students and staff on inclement weather or other days where school is cancelled.
  • Maintains the school calendar by not adding emergency days at the end of the school year.
  • Promotes learning beyond the classroom walls.
  • Leverages the use of digital tools and supports 21st century learning opportunities.
  • Provides students with ownership of their own learning.
  • Engages students in meaningful activities.

You can read more here:

If you do not have Internet access at home, please take a look at this offer from Comcast and see if you qualify.